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 A Action VanCola Professional Carpet Upholstery and Disaster Cleaning

                    ~~  50 years of Professional Cleaning Services  ~~   
A Action VanCola Carpet Upholstery Tile and Pressure Cleaning Orlando

                                           Our business slogans over many years;

                                                     “Nobody Does It Better!”

                                           "It ain’t rocket science or brain surgery,
                         but you still want the best job, that lasts, and for a fair price!"

                            “Your Family Deserves Better Than Franchise Cleaning”

                                  “It’s nice to know who’s working in your home.”

                     “We don’t "just rinse" your soiled carpeting: WE CLEAN THEM!”

                                            “No One Cleans Better For Less”

Twice the job at 1/2 the price$
. &




*Welcome to Sunny Florida*



That's what it's all about........isn't it?

A Wish For Many, But A Reality For You "Today"!

It doesn't have to cost You an "arm and a leg" to
"Work For Yourself".  

 No Lifelong Contract
& No Franchise Fee
$ that never end...........
and it won't cost you Ten$ of Thou$ands of Dollar$ either.


Just spend (1) one day with Me
I will save You from having to suffer those EXPEN$IVE years,
 and wa
$ting thousand$ of your hard earned dollar$,
and You can be home working on Your future,

"Working For Yourself" in as little as a month.

Today is Your


How about a little "working vacation"
where the sun shines everyday...

and maybe You can even stop-over to Disney just 30 mins. away,
or run over to the Beach before You go home?


As a 50 year "Owner-Operator" Cleaning Professional:
Carpet, Upholstery and Disaster Cleaning;

(MASTER Cleaning Technician and 
Restoration MASTER for the past 30 years

I've been cleaning since 1964

and I can assure You that if You are willing to dedicate Yourself
 to consistently providing Your customers
 with proficient high-quality cleaning services,

a "2-Man Team" ( You and Your assistant )
can generate a "yearly income" of
$50,000 to $150,000 annually
by cleaning Carpet & Upholstery,
depending on just how hard You want to work, 

plus You're NOT crawling around under houses or
up thru attic crawl-spaces either!

Only "1/3rd" Of All The Carpeting Sold In The United States 
"Ever" Gets Cleaned!

$$$$  OPPORTUNITY  $$$$


 Engineered and designed with its natural insulating warmth and comfort, cushioning for little heads and big feet, fashionably inviting decorative appeal, buffering noise and acoustics, with built-in wear and stain resistance.

the controlled and improved Indoor Air Quality capabilities;

"EPA scientists have concluded that carpet can be beneficial in trapping and immobilizing potential allergy-causing particles by preventing them from re-entering the indoor air system, but,

"ONLY IF" The Carpet Is Regularly Cleaned
and Properly Maintained."


Oh, That's Your Cue!!

There's your customer-base in this crazy Eco-unfriendly World!

That also means, there's a whole lot of dirty carpet out there!

More precisely,
there is still "2/3rds" of all those Homeowners
and apartment dwellers living right here in the US of A
Soiled, Unclean, Environmentally Contaminated, Unsanitary



Now, There's A Nice Potential Backlog of Customers 
Just Waiting For You!



Along with the rudimentary instruction you'll also learn
Cost Cutting Steps)
and precise
Labor & Time Saving Techniques,)

so You can
"Hit the Bricks Running"
when You return home...


 then You can command 
"More Buck for the Bang"
when You're first starting out ...

and I will answer
all of those "what if's  &  how to's"

that You really want and need to know,
that You just can't get out of a book, and

 You'll Get'em All Answered Right Here!

Note: This isn't just a "Carpet Cleaning Class".... 

and it's Not  just a "Carpet Cleaning Course"....

This is Your  1-Day 
"Real Time"....."Rapid Fire"....."Hands-On":

"Carpet Cleaning Clinic"



Able to be "Under the Wing of an Old Timer" ... 
now that's an advantage that I and most people
weren't Lucky enough to get in Life,

but saddled to "Learn It" the Old Fashioned
Expen$ive Way:

and "I EARNED IT" over time, and many, many years......


But You don't have to wait that long!


"YOU Need It....I've Got It"!


and I'm "The ONE" to give it to YOU!

This is an easily attainable goal,
and when You're ready to expand your scope
 to include;
Fire & Flood" Restoration Services,

many Disaster Restoration Companies can gross
$250,000.00  to  $2,000,000.00 annually by;



Drying-out Water Damaged Homes,

Mold Remediation Services,

as well as:
Cleaning-up after Smoke and Soot from all interior surfaces, 

& Deodorizing Buildings
After House
Fires and Furnace Puff-Backs.

$$$$$$  WOW = FUN  $$$$$$

But now, getting back to the project at hand:
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning,


I will "personally" show You a "Hands-on"
(Lean and Mean)
procedure, "a system", a method,

in the field, in real time 
that will enable YOU to reach that GOAL
$ier, $afer, $ooner.

**page #2

"The Family Room" 

and it is a GREAT MORNING today!

Hope your weather today is as fine as ours is here,
unless a hurricane is blowing by.

Please allow Me to introduce Myself, 
and to ask YOU a few simple questions about Your goals and aspirations,
now that we're getting to know each other a bit better.

My name is Gary VanCola

 and I am an Industry Certified
"Master Restorator"  and a "Master Textile Cleaner",

and at one time
owned 4 Major "Cleaning Company Franchise" licensed territories, 
50 years self-employed, married father of four, (4 yr.) college graduates, 

and I CAN HELP YOU Find What YOU Are Looking For:



1. Are You searching for something else to do with your life
that's a bit more rewarding?

2. Would You like to leave every one of your customers with a smile on their faces
each day so they'll always call You back in the future?
You know, "it's cheaper to keep a good customer than it is to create a new one."
In fact, IT'$ FREE!!!

3. Want to be a "roll up your sleeves" and a "Hands-on" kind of person?

4. Would you like to; 
with NO Accounts Receivable Dept.,
NO Collection's Dept.,
and NO Customer Service Department?

(Those Are GREAT Ones For Stress!) 

----- Am I getting close yet???? -----

Allow me probe a little deeper!!

5. How about doing something RECESSION FREE,
that Everyone Needs on a regular basis,
isn't brain surgery so You get sued,
just a few hard knocks qualifies You,
Your customers keep calling You back, year after year,
You have the luxury to get out into the fresh air and sunshine each day,
You actually work inside so you're out of the elements,
You have the freedom & the variety of new locations daily,
You get different kinds of jobs and challenges every day, 
Your Paper Work and Your Red Tape are kept to an extreme minimum,




Work on average 3 to 5 hours a day,
4 to 5 days a week, 
and Net $30,000. to $50,000. a year,


You could even earn a lot more
if you feel like working even harder!...



Well, it won't cost YOU a lot of money
and I can show YOU personally

(One on One)

with private instruction, hands-on in the field
in a very short period of time,

and the very best part is 
YOU Don't have to spend $40,000.00+

for any Carpet Cleaning Franchise Licensed Territory,
that You're restricted from crossing the boundary-lines 
    to step-on your fellow-franchisees associate's toes,    
  nor must YOU split any of Your
with Your "Permanent" Franchisor Partnership-Owners
 That  Will  Never  Ever  End! 




YOU Can Work Where Ever YOU Like,

When Ever YOU Like,

 & YOU Get To Keep ALL Your Own Hard-Earned Money !!!

6. Are YOU looking for an Opportunity for a New Start,
To Be Your Own Boss,
Captain of Your Own Ship,
Your Own Task-Master,
Where Some Insensitive Boss or Anal Manager Can't "Yank Your Chain"Any More,
and You Can Do Something "For Yourself " That

Can Ever Take Away From YOU?

7. Do YOU Want To Have Total Command Of Your Own Destiny,
To Set Your Own Goals,
To Set Your Own Hours,
To Set Your Own Pace,
To Work as Little or as Much as YOU like, 
and Make as much Money as YOU feel like Making?

Well, Do You?


OK!.... READY To Take Your Life Into Your Own Hands? 

YOU can stay home with the kids today if YOU need to,
or YOU can go fishing if YOU want,
or YOU can take an extra hour for lunch, 
or even work a little harder today, if that's what YOU want to do! 

Make Your Own appointments, book Your Own jobs, set Your Own Schedule.

Begin Every Day At 11:00 AM, If That's What YOU Want To Do!

IT'S  YOUR  COMPANY..........


       I Will Show You
How To Get There>>>>>>$<<<<<<< From Here...

Come on down and see Me for a bit
and I will Do Just That!!

Drop Me A Line Right NOW
and We'll Start Discussing Your Future Needs,

and The Benefits That We Can Provide YOU Right NOW.

*It's Been A Pleasure Assisting YOU A Little Bit TODAY

Stay well and God speed,
Gary VanCola


Write Me @

Page #3



OOPS, I forgot to tell YOU about a few more
"Extras +AND+ Pluses"

that You will also receive from My personal instruction 
in addition to the general rudimentary procedures
for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

that I will Teach You.

Here is what else You will receive from My Mentorship;

I can SAVE YOU all that wasted Time and Money "LOST" during your Trial and Error periods
trying to see if this or that works better.

Not to forget,  
you can "NOW" avoid screwing-up someone's carpeting 
      "with your trying this & trying that" phase.

I'll teach you about specific machines, chemicals, tools and items YOU will "really need" on the job,
and the ones that You "really don't need" to waste your time and money on,
that many Franchise FRANCHISORS "mandate that You purchase" in their Package,
"from them" of course,

that You'll "NEVER really need or use"!

I'll show YOU "Hands-on" Techniques and Systems
that are "Tried and True", 
and will give YOU the performance, the confidence
 and the results You're looking for Right Away.

There are at least 10 basic Carpet Cleaning Systems,
and even "variations on those 10" when cleaning different carpeting,
and though they all do something to improve cleanliness,
they create different results and limited benefit
 under different circumstances & situations,

and of course: ALL at different price$..... Confusing?

Would YOU Like A Real Eye-Opener & A HEADS-UP?

I'll give YOU that personal attention that YOU will never receive in a structured and timed
Carpet Cleaning "Class Room" Seminar Course, 
I'll also answer Your hundreds of questions
that You just can't get answered in those rigid environments,
that You may also be too 
self-conscious to even ask, 
or keep asking for fear the guys may think You're a jerk
asking too many questions.


Note: My "Hands-On, Head-Start Clinic"
gets You "on the road" to expert carpet cleaning,
but it's NOT an "ends-all."

You will continue to learn and refine your craft and your skills your entire life
if You want to always be-sharp and on the cutting-edge,
as with all things in life if You really care about what You do "Well"!

This is not a substitute for "never" sitting in a class room for a couple days,
 or attending a wide variety of certification cleaning courses for a few credits in your future.

Bottom-line: your customers couldn't "care less!"....

All they "REALLY WANT" is quality work, done expeditiously 
at a fair price, and You'll have them forever!
  You'll also get to know many customers personally over-time,
and many of your biggest fans will be over 65 years of age,
and sometimes unfortunately "out-live" some of them
     which is very sad!

But, along your journey you'll get to meet a lot of fine people,
     and it's a blast to work for someone 15 or 20 times.

You'll also want to obtain some Industry Certification sometime in the future,
 especially if any individual state's governments
 ever want to get their fingers into the Cleaning Industry's Pockets, as a whole.

  BUT, You Can Take Courses For The Rest Of Your Life
and eventually may earn every "merit badge" they create, 
and that's OK, because One can never have enough education,

but then again,
You can cover Yourself all over with Regalia "FLARE",
 like a Scout Leader, Or at the Home Depot,
or the Top Waitress at OUTBACK Steak House,
And Your Customers Could NOT Care-Less....
Service, service, service!



30 years ago I was (1 of only 3) Industry certified "Master Cleaners" 
in the state of Florida, 
and it's never earned me an extra penny.

("Proficiency, Caring, Follow-though, Patience, Common Sense")

"These" Atributes Are What Is Going To "GET" & Help You "KEEP" Customers!


 My: "Hit The Bricks Running" Course
is specifically designed to Get You Going ASAP,

AND, As Inexpensively As Possible Saving You Time & Money
And To Help Keep Yourself Out Of Trouble.

I'll give YOU the instruction that will instill in YOU the confidence
 to be
"Up And Running in 30 days" if that's your short term goal,
and to be skilled & capable enough
to provide your customer with a "Quality" Cleaning Job that They, and YOU can be proud of.

I'll teach you  Step $aving$ "Tricks of the Trade"
that YOU just can't learn in books,
that will can Make Your Day 
as well as making Your Life much, much easier,  
and just may save Your Butt sometime.


I'll show YOU exactly what machines and equipment YOU need,
 the "necessary minimums" of "quality chemicals" to use initially,
some chemical not to use, and just how to set up your truck
to provide the fastest most efficient servicing 
To Hit Those Bricks Running, and NOT Have "A Tiger By The Tail".

I'll teach YOU a System, an Approach, a Work Ethic
to use as a foundation for Yourself on which to build Your Company,
and to provide Your Customers with the Confidence
 to rely upon "You" as the "Go-To-Guy" for all of their Cleaning Needs, 
and YOU will make plenty of friends along the way.


      ~ SIMPLE  ENOUGH ~

and I'll show YOU how to Start your New Company 
by My personally instructed: 
$500. 1-Day Clinic "Speed-Course"

so that someday very soon You can do this too! 


LODGING sites, just 10 mins. away

Lastly, YOU Can Make Your Business As BIG, 
  keep it as small as YOU want!  

And, At The End Of The Day, YOU Will Have Something
 That No One Can Take Away From YOU,
And That YOU Can Leave To Your Kids
With A NAME and A REPUTATION That Has Real Solid EQUITY.


*A "Background Check" will be initiated;

Felons, ex-felons and illegal aliens from any foreign country



Write to Me and we'll discuss Your future needs.

 *Thank You For Your Consideration Visiting Us Today* 


Email Me at:



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