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                 Just along for the ride.

Ticking Timer, Nickel Dimer
Tricking, Trying, Rhythm Rhymer
Too Repetitious, Too Repeating
Time, Too Unceasingly Undying

Pen-du-lum swinging, Inertia winging
Savagely consuming, Relentlessly onward
Colliding & crashing, Unrelentingly pondered
Weighty heavens driven, Fates already written

If Time is fleeting and seeing is believing
You get on board and You take your Time
The fare's been paid, a nickel and a dime
With no regret, the hard part's been done
Just hold on tight and have some fun!

Gary P VanCola

Copyright ©2004 Gary P VanCola



A little older, a little wiser: what a dreamer believes!